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Henderson's Terrible 400
Deciding Race of the Best in the Desert Series

Henderson, NV (October 25, 2005) -- Desert racers have their sights set on the final finishing line of the 2005 race series. On December 1-4, Henderson's Terrible 400 Desert Race will determine over 30 classes of series champions, as the excitement of the Best in the Desert six-race series comes to an end.

Best in the Desert Racing Association, the Henderson Convention and Visitors Bureau, Herbst Gaming and the City of Boulder City are sponsoring the motor sport event that will take place in the Eldorado Valley located between Henderson and Boulder City. The race will feature over 200 cars, trucks, buggies, motorcycles and ATVs.

Standings tabulated after the recent TSCO "Vegas to Reno" indicate a tight points race in several classes, including the coveted Class 1500 Unlimited Open Wheel where only 40 points separate the top 5 racers.

"This is one of the closest race series that I have ever been a part of," said Chuck Hovey, Class 1500 driver of Escondido, California. "I'm in first now, but only by four points. Sam Berri is in second place and he is always a tough competitor, so we'll definitely have all of our cards together on this one to make sure we win."

Sam Berri of Murphys, California won the class championship in 1999 and is looking to win once again in December at the Henderson race. "We both need to get our ducks in a row before the race," Berri said of his competitor Hovey. "Our team has been working harder then ever on getting things dialed in for this event because it has been such a competitive year."

The 80+ mile car and truck lap through the McCullough Mountain range poses challenges with five full laps, on what has been regarded as the fastest course in the Best in the Desert race series.

The tentative schedule of race events includes: Dec. 1, Time Trials for starting position and course reconnaissance; Dec. 2, Manufacturer's Midway, Vehicle Technical Inspection and street party with live entertainment; Dec. 3, Race Day; and Dec. 4, Awards Celebration. Details and pre-race activities are still being finalized.

For more information regarding Henderson's Terrible 400, visit www.bitd.com or www.visithenderson.com.

For more information on the Henderson Convention and Visitors Bureau, call (702) 267-2171, or toll free (877) 775-5252, or visit the website at www.visithenderson.com.

For more information, call or write:
Best In The Desert Racing Association
3475 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(702) 457-5775, (702) 241-6431 fax

For Sponsorship Information, contact:
  Mark Handley (760) 750-1905

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For Finance Information, contact:

Mark Handley (760) 613-3122

For Sponsorship Information, contact:
Mark Handley (760) 613-3122

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