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Round 5, 2005 SCORE Desert Series
10th Annual SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300
RACE NOTES AND QUOTES – Saturday, September 10, 2005

6am--Group A
4 Laps-Class 10, SCORE Lite, Class 1-2/1600, Class 5
3 Laps-Class 5/1600, Class 9, Class 3
2 Laps-Class 11, Spt. Car

Brad Wilson/Colin Morris, 1499: This is the first race for Brad Wilson, 16, son of Class 1 racer Ronny Wilson. (Morris) “Pretty rough race but the course was marked out very well. The vehicle ran really good with no flats. Towards the end the wind was a problem.” (Wilson) “This was a really good first race for me and so much fun. It wasn’t too bad or too many laps for me. Everything was good, no problems and the wind didn’t affect my racing. The course was pretty rocky, rough and dusty in the beginning.”

Class 11
Mark Murell/Gary Helming, 1148:
This is the first race for Mark Murrell, 43, who has been working SCORE races for 20 years. (Murell) “Scott Pellerin, the owner of the vehicle, drove the first lap then Helming went to Pit C and I brought it into the finish. This is my first experience of anything in a race car. I’ve been working for SCORE for 20 years flagging the other guys, so this was my first chance to get into the car. I didn’t know if it was going to be easy, rough or what!

Pellerin has a heck of a Class 11 car. I had no problems and with the head wind it felt good.” (Helming) “This was great! I rode ½ lap and drove ½ lap in this solid vehicle.”

Bekki Wik/Adam Wik, 1003:
This is the second win of the year for the husband and wife team. Bekki had planned to race with her husband in her favorite race of the year. She went pre-running Monday but found out Wednesday she is seven weeks pregnant. Listening to the doctor, she decided to let her husband do the driving. (Adam) “When I saw the first dust cloud over the mountain, we said no way going through the power poles but we got lucky. We got around (Ron) Dalke early and followed 1001 (Ridings) quite a ways but they pulled over probably due to a flat tire. So we were fortunate to pass people in the right places and it put us up front. We knew if we were in clean air we could run really hard. We were looking forward to starting up front and working our way to the finish. Depending on where you were on the course the wind in your face or off to the side but a bonus for Class 1 and Trophy-Truck. With no wind there will be lots of flats. I think BFG made this course because everyone will have to buy tires! Best to be 1st on the 4th lap!”

John Cooley/Dave Richardson, 1008: (Cooley) “Dave started and did the first two laps and I finished. It was pretty fast and rough towards the end. My power steering went out so I was bouncing of the rocks.”

Class 5-1600
Ernie Negrete/Raul Solano, 578:
This win will keep Ernie Negrete in the run for the 2005 SCORE Toyota Milestone Award. (Negrete) “The course was rocky with lots of silt but nice. It was just awesome. My buddy Raul did the second and third lap and I did the first. It was a great race with only on one flat. We used the same motor for the Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250, Tecate SCORE Baja 500 and the SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge. So it’s a great motor.”

James Golden/Jim Anderson, 1212:
With this win, Golden has now taken a slight lead in points over Tom Watson. (Golden) “That was a fun course. It had a little of everything. It was rough, fast, and technical but a good overall course. I drove the first two laps and Jim Anderson drove the second two laps. It was a clean race with little problems. I was stuck behind a few cars and on the second lap I got a flat and had four minutes of down time. On lap one I had a minor issue on the rear end, stopped at the pits and had a little more down time. Anderson got in and had a flawless run. When I gave him the car we were in 3rd place, then he caught 1st and 2nd and took the lead and won!

Tom Watson/David Scaroni, 1200: (Scaroni) I drove four laps and and Tom (Watson) drove just the last few miles from the pit. Each lap got rougher and rougher. I broke the transmission on the second lap and had to hold it into gear I went in so that was the main thing. But overall it was a good day.”

Class 1-2/1600
Rob MacCachren/Bryan Freeman, 1615:
MacCachren took the win for the fourth time here at the SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300. He also won in 1997, 2001, and 2004. (Freeman) “I did the last two laps and it was really good! It was extremely rocky and I was taking it really, really safe where the rocks were. Right before I got in the vehicle, a 10 car passed and hit the rear wheel. So I was driving on a bent wheel with no rear brakes, so I just had to keep pumping over the bumps and get used to it. With all the silt, the course was rough and really had taken a beating!”

LJ Kennedy/Brian Burgess, 1611: (Burgess) “I did the last two laps and LJ did the first two. The course was great with a ton of different stuff, technical, and wide open. I had some motor problems but it was a great course.”

Class 3
Donald Moss/Kenneth, 300:
(Donald) “I started the race and drove 1 ½ laps. Into the second lap at Pit C, I gave the car to Ken to finish the race. We had one flat but managed to make it to the pit. This is a really rough course. The ruts are so deep. The front differential drags and it kicked rocks up everywhere, even into the cab.”

Class 5
Tom Brown, 518:
“I drove every lap and led the first two. I had power steering problems and a few flats then we were last. Some how we ended up winning.”

Class 9
Eric Fisher/Hector Sarabia, 900:
This is the third consecutive SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 win for Eric Fisher. He also one in 2002, 2003, 2004. Sarabia also has won all points races this year. (Sarabia) “We each drove 1 ½ laps. We had one flat but it was fun.”

1pm--Group B
4 Laps-SCORE Trophy-Truck, Class 1, Protruck
3 Laps-Class 8, Class 7, Class 7s, Class 7sx
2 Laps-Stock Full, Spt. Truck

SPT Truck
Bobby Quarnstrom, 1501:
“The race went really good. There were a lot of rocks at the end. I hit a couple dozen with the drive shaft. Other than that it was flawless and smooth. I finished the last lap while my brother Carl did the first lap.” (Carl) “It was sandy and at times scary, and the truck ran hot. But our friends and family were there for reassurance and everything went well. Thanks to SCORE for having the Sportsman class.”

Brian Collins/Larry Ragland, 12:
This is the third SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 win for Brian Collins. He also won in 1997 and 1999. (Ragland) “I did the last two laps while Brian drove the first two laps. It was wonderful having a bigger loop and a little different course. The traffic wasn’t too bad. We had a new drive train but it was the old truck since the new truck is getting ready for the next race. Brian did a wonderful job and gave us a nice lead. I enjoy racing in Mexico but this course was different than normal with the added mileage. I liked it!” (Collins) “This is my old truck and we were having transmission and gear problems. We got with Barry Singleton and Kevin Courier who does our motors and they spent a lot of time testing and getting it fixed for this truck and the new truck. I told Larry this truck needs to have overall! So with the new gears and transmission we brought her out.”

Tim Herbst/Ed Herbst, 19: (Tim) “I drove all four laps and everything ran great. Only a couple of flats. (AJ Smith, co-driver) “About 10 miles out from the finish I heard the fat lady sing so I guess it was over!”

Bob Shepard, 82: “The race went pretty good. We had a challenging start position. The first lap we were running around cars. We had a few flats but overall it was a good day.”

Alan Pfluegar, 28: Last year’s winner took fourth this year. “It wasn’t as good as last year. I had two flats and it was a tough course with lots of dust and rocks. It was just not our day.”

Todd Wyllie, 800:
This is Todd’s 6th straight SCORE win. “I drove the entire way and had a really good day. Two flats and broke something in the front end on the last lap.”

Victor Herrera Jr./Victor Herrara Sr., 705:
This win will continue Victor Herrrara Jr. in the run for the 2005 SCORE Toyota Milestone Award. (Herrara Sr.) “I just drove the last lap but my son drove the rest. I had no problems. It was very exciting. This is our second year in the truck and we were fighting for 1st place.”

Ceasar Fuentes, 104:
"This is my first finish in a long time. We had no flats or problems. The engine did misfire and in the afternoon we were running 100 horsepower and tried to keep up.
The shocks are worn our and the track is horrible and beat up. We hit a lot of ruts and that really beats up your back. But I am excited because this is my first time racing this car and a second finish in Primm for myself and my crew. My first Primm race was five years ago. I started and finished 14th and have had four DNFs after that. So I can’t ask for more.”

B.J. Richardson 118: (Richardson) “That was a rough one. We had a flat out in the field and fixed it. We lost five minutes because of it. “

Mark McMillin/Brian Ewalt, 113: (Ewalt) “I shared the driving with Mark who did the first two laps. The course was really rough and bumpy but good. It was a pretty fast course also. We were trouble free all day.”

Troy Herbst/Larry Roeseler, 120: (Roeseler) “I drove the last two laps and had two flat tires. We only carry one spare and another Trophy-Truck gave us another spare. Coming off the mountain in the dust of BJ (Richardson), and the sun in my eyes, I clipped it. I thought the front was done but the rear went. That took off ½ mile. The course was unbelievable. It was true off-road. Racing in this car is amazing in the big bumps and the car was saying take me home! Rocks were the size of tires, the size of icebergs, but was amazing. Vehicles go through a lot of extreme conditions, technical mountains, fast stuff and passing. I loved the course!!

Stock Full
John Griffin, 860:
"The course wasn’t too bad. I drove the entire time and it was rough but no worse than other years. The alternator went out and we had to borrow the battery and had no lights. It was pretty scary!”

Class 7S
John Holmes/Scot Jones, 739:
This is the fourth win of the year for John Holmes who is leading the points for his class. (Holmes) “I drove the last lap and Scot (Jones) drove the first two. The course was really rough with horrible dust and very dangerous. We made our way through the rocks. We smashed the rear and had to fix it but other than that everything went good.”

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