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Over 200 entries expected next Saturday
From Herbsts, McMillins, 2 Baldwins--family ties driving force
For huge field at 10th annual SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300

Over 40 families have multiple drivers in next week’s
Round 5 of the six-race 2005 SCORE Desert Series

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 1, 2005) -- From husbands, wives, fathers, sons, brothers, grandsons, nephews and even in-laws, next week’s 10th Annual SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 desert race will prove once again that this unique motorsport is one of the world’s most popular family sports. Round 5 of the six-race 2005 SCORE Desert Series will be held Sept. 9-11 in Primm, NV.

From the Herbsts, McMillins and two Baldwins, over 40 families will have multiple drivers next weekend in the Southern Nevada desert. With a race-record 200 entries expected, participants have entered from 12 U.S. States, Canada, Mexico, Japan and South Africa. Many of the drivers are second-generation and two are even third-generation desert racers as the sport enjoys the start of its fourth decade of existence.

“SCORE desert racing has always been about family and our SCORE family is one of the most impressive anywhere”, said Sal Fish, SCORE President/CEO. “Families are one of the major things that make our sport so unique and this year’s SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 is clearly reflective of that aspect of SCORE. To see so many close family members racing side-by-side including so many second and now even third generation desert racers is truly captivating. And that doesn’t even count all of the family members helping in the pits. Besides everything else, watching a SCORE race leaves you with an even greater sense of family. And in the desert, you become an honorary family member in a hurry. It’s just the nature of SCORE desert racing.”

Celebrating its 32nd season this year as the World’s Foremost Desert Racing Series, the SCORE Desert Series is returning to Southern Nevada for the last of its three annual races in the U.S.

The 10th Annual SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 will feature 17 Pro and 2 Sportsman classes for cars and trucks in Primm, located 35 miles south of Las Vegas at the California border.

For the fourth consecutive year, the race has been split into two groups with the open wheel and VW baja bug classes starting at 6 a.m. on Saturday (Sept. 10). The truck classes, including the featured SCORE Trophy-Truck division along with the unlimited Class 1 open-wheel class, will start at 1 p.m. One vehicle will start every 30 seconds in the elapsed-time race, with an eight-hour time limit. The start/finish line area will be located northeast of the rear of Buffalo Bill’s Resort in Primm. The faster classes will run four laps each over the 74-mile course, while the slower classes will race for either two or three laps.

A total of 29 of the marquee SCORE Trophy-Trucks, a record for a U.S. race, are entered to date, and the 800-horsepower unlimited production trucks will lead the afternoon group into the Southern Nevada desert.

In Class 1, for unlimited open-wheel desert race cars, a race-record 40 vehicles are currently entered.

A total of 13 entries in SCORE Trophy-Truck will feature family members behind the wheel while 10 in Class 1 reflect multiple family members.

The Herbst family, featuring second-generation brothers Ed, Tim and Troy Herbst, are three of the top family racers heading to Primm. Ed and Tim will split driving in the No. 19 Terrible Herbst Motorsports Ford-F-150 in SCORE Trophy-Truck while Troy, the youngest of the talented brothers, will drive the No. 120 Terrible Herbst Motorsports Smithbuilt-Ford in Class 1.

Ed and Tim Herbst have teamed up to win SCORE Trophy-Truck three times (1998, 2002, 2003) in the first nine years of this race while Troy has won Class 1 twice (1999, 2001). In 1998 and in 2003, Ed and Tim also won the Overall title with the fastest time in all classes and both of Troy’s wins also earned him the Overall crown.

One of the two Baldwin Racing families in SCORE Trophy-Truck features brothers Jason, Laguna Beach, Calif. and his younger sibling Josh, Newport Beach, Calif. Both drive Ford F-150 trucks, Jason No. 1 as the defending SCORE Desert Series point champion and Josh, the No. 86. Jason currently leads this year’s SCORE Trophy-Truck point standings while Josh is second.

Jason and Josh’s brother-in-law, Carl Renezeder, Laguna Beach, CA, will drive the No. 17 Renezeder Racing Chevy Silverado.

The second of the two Baldwin Racing families includes Las Vegas’ Bobby Baldwin and his son B.J. Bobby, the President/CEO of the MGM/Mirage Resorts, drives the No. 96 Chevy Silverado while B.J. drives the No. 97 Ford F-150 in SCORE Trophy-Truck.

Marty Coyne, El Centro, CA, and his son Travis, will split the driving time in their No. 5 Coyne Racing Ford-F-150, while brothers Dale and Mike Dondel, Hemet, CA, will share the race in the No. 11 Dondel Racing Chevy Silverado.

Another brother team who will be making their SCORE Trophy-Truck debut in Primm will be Matt and David Scaroni, Heber, CA, in their No. 27 Ford F-150.

Larry Ragland, Cave Creek, AZ, will split driving time with Las Vegas’ Brian Collins in the No. 12 Collins Motorsports Chevy Silverado in SCORE Trophy-Truck while Ragland’s son Chad, Phoenix, will drive the No. 80 Chevy Silverado.

Cameron Steele, San Clemente, CA, will race in two classes. In the morning, the ESPN action sports announcer will split the driving with his wife Heidi in the SCORE Lite Class, and then he will come back in the afternoon session to drive the No. 16 Ford F-150 in SCORE Trophy-Truck with Clyde Stout, Irvine, CA. Heidi Steele is one of three lead female drivers in the race.

Las Vegas’ Bekki Freeman-Wik, the only female racer to ever win two SCORE car and truck class season point titles, is the driver of record in the No. 1003 Jimco-Honda in Class 10. Her husband Adam Wik will also drive part of the race. In her last two races, she has recorded the highest overall finishes for a female driver in SCORE history. In the Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 in February, she won Class 10 while racing with her husband and finished 15th overall. In the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 in June, she raced with Ronny Wilson, Long Beach, CA, finishing 15th overall again and sixth in the unlimited Class 1.

Freeman’s nephew, Bryan Freeman, of Las Vegas, will be racing in Class 1-2/1600 where he is the current class and SCORE Overall point leader with teammate Rob MacCachren.

Sigal Greenberg, Desert Hills, AZ, is the third top female driver in the race. Her co-driver in Class 9 will be John Hallal.

McMillin Racing of San Diego will have a three-generation race team with five family members driving in four different vehicles, three in Class 1 and one in Class 1-2/1600. In Class 1, family patriarch Corky McMillin, 76, will drive the No. 126 Chenowth-Chevy, while his oldest son Mark, 49, will drive the No. 113 Jimco-Chevy.

Corky’s youngest son, Scott, 45, will co-drive for his son Andy, 18, who is one of Corky’s two grandsons in the race. Andy and his father Scott McMillin have won two races in Class 1 this year and currently lead the SCORE Class 1 season point standings.

Corky’s other grandson racing in Primm will be Daniel, 17 (Mark’s son), who will be driving the No. 1601 McMillin Racing Jimco-VW in Class 1-2/1600.

Family ties will be apparent in nearly all classes in the race. Class 1 will also include the Weyhrichs, Meltons, and Wilsons while also in the Class 1-2/1600 field are the Boyers and the Wisdoms. In other classes, multiple drivers from the same family are: the Chamlee (Class 7), the Moncure (Class 7S), The Vanderwey (Class 8), Patelli (Class 8), Hutchins (Class 10), Brookshire (Class 10), Williams (Class 10) and Myers (Class 10).

In a sport where there is no qualifying or open pre-running (in the U.S.), the drawing for start positions has added significance and the No. 4 Vildosola Racing Ford F-150 SCORE Trophy-Truck, driven by Mexico’s Gus Vildosola and Las Vegas’ Rob MacCachren, was selected randomly, by computer, to receive the pole position.

Drawing the first starting spot in Class 1 is John Gould, Anaheim, CA, in the No. 101 Playtech-Chevy. Scheduled to drive the first two laps will be Mexico’s Gerardo Iribe, a two-time class winner in this race, before Gould, who has never won a SCORE race, takes over for the last two.

The first vehicle to leave the start line in the morning portion of the event will be Class 10 racer Tom Ridings, 51, of Long Beach, CA, in the Number 1001 Jimco-Honda.

Behind Class 1 (40 entries),
the classes with the most entries to date are:
• SCORE Trophy-Truck (29)
• Class 1-2/1600 (24)
• along with SCORE Lite and Class 10 with 20 each.

With the chase for the $50,000 Kartek Off-Road bonus also awaiting the top three 2005 SCORE Overall point leaders, a total of just 63 points separate the top 11 overall point leaders after the first three rounds of 2005. SCORE points are determined both on final finishing position and number of vehicles that started the race within each class.

Pre-race festivities on Friday, Sept. 9, for the SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300, including tech and contingency and the SCORE Manufacturer’s Midway, will be held from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. behind Buffalo Bill’s Resort. The mandatory pre-race driver’s meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Friday (Sept. 9) at the Star of the Desert Arena at Buffalo Bill’s. The post-race awards celebration will be held at the Star of the Desert Arena on Sunday (Sept. 11) at 9 a.m.

The official 2005 SCORE sponsors are: BFGoodrich Tires-official tire, C.L. Bryant-VP Racing Fuels-official fuel supplier. Associate sponsors are: Tecate Beer, Coca-Cola of Mexico, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance, Las Vegas Events, Herbst Gaming, Kartek Off-Road, Centrix Financial, Fram, Autolite, Prestone, Bilstein, Signpros, Cotuco, Fideicomiso Publico para la Promocion Turistica de Ensenada, P.C.I. Race Radios, McKenzie’s Performance Products, and Advanced Color Graphics.

Co-title sponsors for the 10th SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 are Las Vegas Events and Primm Valley Resorts.

For information contact:
SCORE International at its Los Angeles headquarters
(818) 225-8402 or visit
the official 2005 SCORE Desert Series website at:

For Sponsorship Information, contact:
  Mark Handley (760) 750-1905

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