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Round 5 of 2005 SCORE Desert Series
Vildsola/MacCachren duo draws first start in Ford F-150
SCORE Trophy-Truck for 10th SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300

SCORE's 32nd season continues Sept. 9-11 with over 200 entries
Expected in 17 Pro & 2 Sportsman classes for cars and trucks

LOS ANGELES, CA (August 13, 2005) -- Hoping to improve on their second-place finish last year, teammates Gus Vildosola of Mexico and Rob MacCachren of Las Vegas have drawn the coveted first starting position for next month's 10th Annual SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 desert race. Round 5 of the six-race 2005 SCORE Desert Series will be held Sept. 10-12, 2005 in Primm, NV.

In a sport where there is no qualifying or open pre-running (in the U.S.), the drawing for start positions has added significance and the No. 4 Vildosola Racing Ford F-150 SCORE Trophy-Truck was selected randomly in today's computerized drawing at the SCORE Int'l headquarters in Los Angeles.

Celebrating its 32nd season this year as the World's Foremost Desert Racing Series, the SCORE Desert Series will be returning to Southern Nevada for the last of its three annual races in the U.S.

The 10th Annual SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 will feature 17 Pro and 2 Sportsman classes for cars and trucks in Primm, located 35 miles south of Las Vegas at the California border. With a race-record 200 entries expected, there were a record 170 vehicles entered in time for the start draw.

As it has been for the past three years, the race will be split into two groups with the open wheel and VW baja bug classes starting at 6 a.m. The truck classes, including the featured SCORE Trophy-Truck division along with the unlimited Class 1 open-wheel class, will start at 1 p.m. One vehicle will start every 30 seconds in the elapsed-time race, with an eight-hour time limit. The start/finish line area will be located northeast of the rear of Buffalo Bill's Resort in Primm.

With the chase for the $50,000 Kartek Off-Road bonus also awaiting the top three 2005 SCORE Overall point leaders, a total of just 63 points separate the top 11 overall point leaders after the first three rounds of 2005. SCORE points are determined both on final finishing position and number of vehicles that started the race within each class.

A total of 28 SCORE Trophy-Trucks, a record for a U.S. race, were entered in time for the start draw, and the 800-horsepower unlimited production trucks will lead the afternoon group into the Southern Nevada desert.

The first vehicle to leave the start line in the morning portion of the event will be Class 10 racer Tom Ridings, 51, of Long Beach, CA, in a Honda-powered Jimco race car.

Eleven of last year's 17 class winners have entered,
including seven of last year's top 10 overall finishers.

'This is a wonderful opportunity for Gus and I to lead the pack of tremendous SCORE Trophy-Trucks and hopefully get our second class win together,' said MacCachren, 40, who is also the SCORE Overall and Class 1-2/1600 point leader. 'We haven't decided how we will split up the five laps, but I know that having a clear track ahead of us during the first lap can certainly help us build a solid lead. The SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 is a rugged race, but very deceptive. It looks fast, and some places it is, but if you push too hard, the desert takes a big bite out of your race vehicle.'

A veteran desert-racing champion Rob MacCachren and his third-generation protge Bryan Freeman, both of Las Vegas, are on top of the Overall and Class 1-2/1600 point standings after three rounds of the 2005 SCORE Desert Series. MacCachren, who has won seven SCORE class point championships in four different classes, was the 2001 SCORE Overall point champion. Freeman, 25, is in his first full SCORE season.

Vildsola, 51, of Mexicali, Mexico, and MacCachren won SCORE Trophy-Truck in the 2003 Tecate SCORE San Felipe 250 for their only win in the featured SCORE racing division together. MacCachren, the 1994 SCORE Trophy-Truck class point champion, has four career SCORE Trophy-Truck wins.

Starting behind the 28 SCORE Trophy-Trucks will be the unlimited Class 1 for open-wheel desert race cars. In the first nine years of the race, SCORE Trophy-Trucks have five Overall race wins to four for Class 1.

Drawing the first starting spot in Class 1 is John Gould, Anaheim, CA, in a Playtech-Chevy.

George Seeley, Glendale, CA, and Eric Solorzano, Tijuana, Mexico, have the most class wins in the SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300. Both have won their respective classes in six of the first nine years of this race. Seeley drives the No. 500 unlimited VW Baja Bug in Class 5 while Solorzano drives the No. 1100 VW Sedan in Class 11.

Honolulu's Alan Pflueger is back to defend his overall and SCORE Trophy-Truck titles in his No. 28 Pflueger Racing Chevy Silverado. Pflueger won last year's rain-soaked race by 24 minutes, 50 seconds over the Class 10 Jimco-BMW of Martin Christensen, Escondido, Calif. Christensen has switched to Class 1 this year.

Pflueger will start 16th in SCORE Trophy-Truck this year after winning from the pole position last year.

Following up his first-ever SCORE class win in San Felipe with a second in Ensenada, defending SCORE Trophy-Truck season champ Jason Baldwin, Laguna Beach, CA, maintains a 12-point lead over his brother Josh Baldwin, Newport Beach, CA, in the featured SCORE racing division for high-tech, 800-horsepower, unlimited production trucks. The Baldwins, with 179 and 167 points respectively, both drive Ford F-150 SCORE Trophy-Trucks. Jason Baldwin is sixth on the SCORE Overall point leaderboard.

Behind Class 1 (37 entries), the classes with the most entries in time for the drawing were: SCORE Trophy-Truck (28), Class 1-2/1600 (23), SCORE Lite (20) and Class 10 (19).

Among the other racers drawing first starting positions for this race are Daniel McMillin, 17, a third-generation desert racer, who will lead Class 1-2/1600 in a Jimco-VW for the second-straight year and Jake Batulis, San Clemente, CA, who will be at the front of SCORE Lite in a Prep-by-Jake-VW.

Pre-race festivities on Friday, Sept. 9, for the SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300, including tech and contingency and the SCORE Manufacturer's Midway, will be held from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. behind Buffalo Bill's Resort. The post-race awards celebration will be held at the Star of the Desert Arena on Sunday (Sept. 11) at 9 a.m.

SCORE official sponsors for 2005 are: BFGoodrich Tires-official tire, C.L. Bryant-VP Racing Fuels-official fuel supplier. Associate sponsors are: Tecate Beer, Coca-Cola of Mexico, Instant Mexico Auto Insurance, Las Vegas Events, Herbst Gaming, Kartek Off-Road, Centrix Financial, Fram, Autolite, Prestone, Bilstein, Signpros, Cotuco, Fideicomiso Publico para la Promocion Turistica de Ensenada, P.C.I. Race Radios, McKenzie's Performance Products, and Advanced Color Graphics.

Co-title sponsors for the 10th SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300 are Las Vegas Events and Primm Valley Resorts.

For information contact:
SCORE International at its Los Angeles headquarters
(818) 225-8402 or visit
the official 2005 SCORE Desert Series website at:

10th Annual SCORE Las Vegas Primm 300
Official Entries-170 (as of 8/13/05)

(Starting Order, By Class)

Pro Cars and Trucks

4 Gus Vildosola
40 Chet Huffman
99 Nick Baldwin
80 Chad Ragland
36 Wayne Lugo
26 Chris Robinson
12 Brian Collins
3 Mark Post
1 Jason Baldwin
42 Will Staats Jr
19 Tim Herbst
5 Marty Coyne
96 Bobby Baldwin
24 Bruce Friedman
11 Dale Dondel
28 Alan Pflueger
82 Bob Shepard
16 Camerson Steele
27 Matt Scaroni
17 Carl Renezeder
2 Pete Sohren
10 Mike Jakobson
86 Josh Baldwin
97 B.J. Baldwin
38 Garron Cadiente
60 Mike Voudouris
7 Scott Steinberger
66 Ed Quade

CLASS 1 (37)
101 John Gould
102 Kory Scheeler
103 Brian Parkhouse
104 Cesar Fuentes
105 Richard Boyle
106 Mike Julson
107 Kevin James
108 Andy McMillin
109 Gary Weyhrich
110 Steve Melton
111 Mark Weyhrich
112 Ron Brant
113 Mark McMillin
114 Lee Patten
115 Dale Ebberts
116 Brian Ickler
117 Mike Bilek
118 B.J. Richardson
119 Nathan Melton
120 Troy Herbst
121 Scott Kincaid
122 Josh Rigsby
123 Chuck Hovey
124 Stephen Jangaard
125 Stuart Chase
126 Corky McMillin
127 Ron Whitton
128 Ronny Wilson
129 Todd Cuffaro
130 Jeff Quinn
131 John Herder
132 Pat Dean
133 Michael James
134 Danny Anderson
135 Damen Jefferies
148 Danny Wingerning
149 Charles Rodrick

CLASS 1-2/1600 (23)
1601 Daniel McMillin
1602 Max Thieriot
1603 Rick Boyer
1604 Gary Stairs
1605 Blaise Jackson
1606 Joe Laff
1607 Brian Burgess
1608 Caleb Gaddis
1609 Mike Leung
1610 David Caspino
1611 L.J. Kennedy
1612 Dave Hendrickson
1613 Reuben Wilson
1614 Rodrigo Ampudia Jr.
1615 Rob MacCachren
1616 Joseph Barboa
1617 Aruturo Velazco
1618 John Murphy
1619 Sammy Ehrenberg
1620 Michael Bennett
1621 Matt Gumz
1622 Scott Wisdom
1649 Adam Pfankuch

CLASS 3 (3)
300 Donald Moss
348 Salvador Cervantes
349 Ken Leavitt

CLASS 5 (2)
501 Chris Bowman
519 Kevin Carr

CLASS 5/1600 (7)
551 David Sanchez
552 Albert Castro
555 Jeff Holmes
576 Marcos Nunez
577 Rob Taylor
578 Ernie Negrete
579 Chad Mayernick

CLASS 7 (4)
701 Craig Turner
702 A.J. Rodriguez
703 Barry Karakas
700 Dan Chamlee

CLASS 7S (4)
721 Wayne Demonja
722 Joe Rice
720 Ted Moncure
739 John Holmes

741 Cody Swanty

CLASS 8 (5)
801 Brandon Sims
800 Todd Wyllie
803 Mark Shoaff
804 Nick Vanderwey
805 Dave Raimonde

CLASS 9 (3)
901 Sigal Greenberg
900 Eric Fisher
949 Brian Church

CLASS 10 (19)
1001 Tom Ridings
1002 Ron Dalke
1003 Bekki Wik
1004 Will Higman
1005 Mark Hutchins
1006 Rick Ellison
1007 Kash Vessels
1008 John Cooley
1009 Brian Freemal
1010 Phillip Finch
1011 James Martin
1012 Mark Weger
1013 Todd Pankratz
1014 Lobsam Yee
1015 Darren Hardesty
1016 Travis Brookshire
1017 Mike Williams
1018 Scott Martenson
1000 Steve Myers

1201 Jake Batulis
1202 Mike Campbell
1203 Jeff More
1204 Dwayne Reinert
1205 Cameron Steele
1206 Stan Potter
1207 Ruben Gutierrez Jr.
1208 Tom Watson
1209 Rodney Smith
1210 Mike Belk
1211 Ken Stroud
1212 James Golden
1213 Randy Ross
1214 Brent Gustin
1215 Jeff Kawell
1216 Arturo Honold
1217 Jim Greenway
1218 Craig Brabant
1219 Robert Naughton
1220 Harley Letner

CLASS 11 (4)
1100 Eric Solorzano
1102 Brian Calliara
1148 Mark Murell
1149 Brian Thompson

212 Ray McKenzie
288 Jim Nuckles
282 Craig Smith

861 Terry Henn
860 John Griffin
878 Mark Handley
879 Billy Bunch


1401 Tony Robles
1499 Brad Wilson

1500 Mark Growe

For information contact:
SCORE International at its Los Angeles headquarters
(818) 225-8402 or visit
the official 2005 SCORE Desert Series website at:

For Sponsorship Information, contact:
  Mark Handley (760) 750-1905

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